Recipe for Thought

peach pie

I often find myself thinking in terms of baked goods. Not the “sugarplums dancing in your head” daydreams in poems, but for someone who almost chose culinary school over college, sometimes the only things that make sense come together when you mix flour, sugar and eggs.

There’s a movie that I may have only seen once in my life that has stuck with me for years. Waitress stars Keri Russell…and to be honest I can’t recall any part of the plot. What I do remember is that this waitress is an expert at making pies. She makes pies for every occasion. Not birthday parties, graduations, those sorts of events, but “I Hate My Husband Pie” and “Fallin’ in Love Chocolate Mousse Pie” – the list is pretty entertaining. Besides providing me with one awful sweet tooth, the movie really made an impact on how I saw things. Some people see in black and white, others in all blends of colors, but if I allow myself a moment, I can think in terms of “Boston Cream Best Friend Pie” and “Blackberry Breakup No Longer Sweet-tarts”.

I think a large percentage of our time is spent taking things too seriously. So maybe if we think of something tough in terms of something sweet it helps. Think “making lemon bars out of lemons”. Maybe tomorrow I’ll make myself some “Senioritis Studydoodles” or “Midterm Mayhem Macaroons.”

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